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More than just another door shop, Door Stop is the manufacturer, cutting out the middle man to bring Perth home owners better quality doors at better quality prices.

With an extensive and exclusive range of external doors, internal doors, sliding doors and bi-fold doors; Door Stop boasts quality that has to be seen at their Joondalup or Osborne Park showroom in person to be fully appreciated.

The Solution

Door Stop’s last SEO provider had been heavily reliant on links and had neglected the content on the website, with pages full of thin content with plenty of opportunities missed.

One of the first steps to improve Door Stop’s rankings was to ensure it employed URL structure that made sense. Previously, Door Stop had two pages around bi-fold doors:

  • Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors
  • Timber Bi-Fold Doors

Google was getting confused between what it should be ranking non-specific bi-fold terms for – the homepage, the aluminium bifold doors page or the timber bifold doors page.

Creating a main bifold doors page, designed to be the parent page of the aluminium and timber door pages gave Google a clear understanding of which page to index

The second step was to ensure that these pages had rich content that gave Google the confidence it needed to rank them for their respective keywords.

Meta-titles were not just optimised for SEO. They were optimsed to capture attention, sparking higher click through rates than their competitors which further helped rise Door Stop to (and cement) to position one.

The Results

Door Stop saw massive improvements in their Google rankings within the first month, with continual month-on-month growth ever since.

After just six months, Door Stop were enjoying:

  • Ranking 1st for high-volume keywords such as “bifold doors perth” and “entrance doors perth”.
  • In the top 5 positions (and growing) for a handful of other high volume terms such as “external doors perth”, “internal doors perth” and “front doors perth”
  • Since the beginning of the campaign in May 2008, Organic traffic has increased by up to 212%.
  • Since the beginning of the campaign in May 2008, Organic enquiries has increased by up to 525%.

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